Boy was I wrong about how low we can go. They don’t involve a team of international lawyers for the defense. Anything. No possible way. Technology is just a tool; it is our use of it that causes problems. Hmm. Now I’ve achieved the ability to actually tell myself in my own dreamsto attempt to dream in color. Boy was I wrong about how low we can go. 3. Recently they heard their neighbors saying bad things about America in regards to the USA invading other countries, so a group of them came to America to speak to us about this “on a spiritual mission of peace.”If you watch the first minute of the following Youtube video, you cheap write my essay
will see they have a chief, medicine man, holy man, ex.ex. just like the North American Indians had. Maya economics functioned on a simple supply and demand theory.”Trade in Maya civilization – Wikipedia, the free encyclopediaIn all of my posts I have been specifically talking about North American natives (not capitalist South American natives.) Non-capitalist societies do not have rich and poor, they do not have materialistic greed, and they do not fight business related wars. Once I thought of this a few months back I really got into researching what exactly dreaming is. Saddam was sentenced for the 1982 killing of 148 people in Dujail.

And you’d ever lived in Germany, as I have, you’d realize capitalism is quite alive and well there. Great experiences. Some of the best sleep I’ve had.Now, here’s the problem..even though I can dream and lucid dream. I haven’t heard even the whisper of a possibility that the trial wasn’t on the up and up. The ‘government’ that was elected was from a set that the USA “approved”.”Vici Iraq”They did what they were told/allowed.

We did. Never have I ever had a single dream, even a blur or shaky memory, of dreaming in color. Democratically elected? Sure. And they aren’t run by a judge appointed by the defendant. In other words, even in those dreams where I do not notice any colour, I believe that I am still dreaming in colour.

The entire scenery surrounding me never seems to have any color to it whatsoever. After the Cold War had toned down a bit, Africa could, free (or reduced) of proxy wars, get better. He was a very bad man. No. Why do you use his first name?148?Are you aware that according to the UN, USA-led trade sanctions ?directly resulted? in the deaths of 500 000 Iraqi woman and children?

Over the ten years?Half a million.Should we murder George and Bill?(afterthought: who is a very bad man? 500 000). Indeed, it seems incongruous to me that a person who experiences colour in real life would not also dream in colour. My emotions concerning the loss of species, global warming, and native Americans, clearly made me set aside reasonable conversation. Given that the communist USSR was a much bigger polluter than the US, and given that China now occupies #1 polluter position, I’d say that it’s inherent to all economic systems.

Originally Posted by Vexer 2. Boy I was wrong about how high we can go.So, I really don?t know. It didn?t. There might be a difference between the actual dream and the memory of the dream. But I have had dreams in which there was some reference to colour, so I take from this that I have the ability to dream in colour.

Never. We would never murder the democratically elected President Saddam Hussein via a kangaroo court. To Billvon and Lynx_Fox,After reading your above post I realized I lost touch in this thread. It’s as if my brain just disagrees with me. And moreover no single ingredient in this hypothetical coleslaw really matters to me – so the coleslaw contains no ingredients!

It just is. Real kangaroo courts don’t take months to run. I’ve never had a dream in color. We did. Half-Black Obama could never be elected. ?We? just weren?t ready. Switzerland- 5.4 tons.

He clearly ordered those deaths of those people in that place at that one time (I never cared enough to remember the specifics). I used Germany as an example because they have an economy just like America, but (business) does not control Germanys government, and Germany does not have corporate workers in government saying “global warming is hoax.” Rather Germany is taking major steps to reduce global warming. People are always surprising Why do you think Saddam’s court was kangaroo? He had the support of an army of international lawyers to ensure it was a fair trial. But it also shows that they have that same “spiritual connection” North American Indians did, when the chief gives those people the stick and basket it shows this.MEET THE NATIVES USA 08 – YouTubeMy mother is from Germany and I have family in Germany, and I have been there many times.

Originally Posted by sp1der All my life I’ve dreamed in black and white. Originally Posted by Lynx_Fox Originally Posted by chad Native Americans had a spiritual respect for war. Hmm. Given that I experience colour in my real life, I see no reason why I wouldn’t experience colour in my dream life.

Well sure, you don’t expect the US to appoint anti US leaders do you? But that doesn’t really affect the bias (or not) of Saddam’s trial. Well said KJW.When I dream, my mind conjures only what is relevant to the dream.

And their culture causes them to have more respect for their neighbors, and more respect for nature (a source for this statement is in the video bellow.)I learned much of this from a TV show called “Meet the Natives USA.” It was about a group of traditional tribal natives who helped American soldiers during WWII, and they consider themselves spiritual brothers/sisters with America. We would never murder the democratically elected President Saddam Hussein via a kangaroo court. I find this hard to believe (unless you are totally colour-blind).My own experience is that the vast majority of dreams do not refer to colour in any way, so I don’t notice whether they are in colour or not. All my life I’ve dreamed in black and white.

I remember colors from my dreams – a yellow sled, silver wire, a red sunset etc. I’ve been informed that the newest BattleStar is in fact socially illuminating. Originally Posted by billvon Originally Posted by chad Since humans have an advanced brain and capitalism has no brain, I would say capitalism is the problem and not humans. The objective evidence shows that it happened quite often, in many places, and was often of large scope including genocides.

2011 Symposium, Abstracts– CO2 emissions per capita (2010), America- 17.6 tons.Germany- 9.1 tons. If technology is not the problem what is? Our use of it. They had a belief of “Mourning War” it assured the spiritual power of the clan would be preserved. ex.ex.Native Americans did not even have great wars until Europeans brought capitalism to North Americas. “Native American inter-tribal wars began as private and social enterprises that, after the introduction of European trade, created new rivalries and these wars assumed an entirely different aspect.

In later posts I thought that the writer of the above post and the person I was talking too in later posts were different forum members (I did not keep track of names in this thread.)I apologize for my rudeness and debating style in this thread, clearly I am at fault.I’m sorry,Chad. On a recent Sunday Germany got 74% of their nations energy needs from solar power and wind power.Germany Sets New Record, Generating 74 Percent Of Power Needs From Renewable Energy | ThinkProgressAnd clearly when you have one government that is controlled by business/capitalism, and you have another government controlled by non-business leaders (the government controlled by non-business leaders will put out less pollution and respect the environment more.)Chad. Here’s an entire seminar including many discussions specifically about the scope and breath of pre-columbian warfare in the Americas.

You aren’t making a causal argument, you are simply reflecting a correlation that more than anything else reflects a difference in the standards of living. Your source speaks of South American natives before Columbus. I remember colors from my dreams – a yellow sled, silver wire, a red sunset etc. The town was leveled and 250,000 acres of farmland were destroyed.The case went to a nine-judge appeals panel with unlimited time for review, but the verdict and sentence was upheld.Among other cases, Saddam was also on trial for gassing of Kurds in Northern Iraq; a far more sinister act, but the trial was discontinued after he recieved a death sentence for the Dujail massacre.Disagreeing with the invasion of Iraq is one thing, but trying to defend Saddam is a arguement will quickly descend into sillyness. This is a vain emotive note, tossed into the eternally evaporating datasphere, like a frowning leaf down an overflowing sewer.I was so sure, and I was so wrong that:1.

These changes could be first documented in the battle for Fort Orange in 1626.”…SOFWARFARE.pdf You should drop the noble savage pitch. Kukhri, I didn?t read your link because I could guess what it said.Saddam was sentenced for the 1982 killing of 148 people in Dujail.?When you say, ?Saddam? you mean, President Hussein. Well, Numsgil…

Assuming it was illegal for him to do that (I’m not an Iraqi law expert) I think it was a fair trial.If you want to understand what a real kangaroo court is, watch the recent episode of Battlestar Galactica where there was a mutiny and they were going to try Admiral Adama. Related Discussions:Politics??What comes first????Speed of SeparationThe Politics of Hair”Truth” in SciencePolitics thread?Reported Post – EmmaRoydesThis might belong in the Trash, I don’t know.New forum: World Issues: Politics ?What Imbues the Higgs Boson with its Mass? Never. After awhile I inevitably came acrosslucid dreaming. It could very well be that some people store more ‘data’ of the dream then others.

I used to dream in black & white… back when my parents had a B&W television. The military reprisals killed 148 men, some as young as 13. 1,500 residents were imprisoned and tortured and others were sent to desert camps.

As Saddam’s motorcade passed through the city where he was to deliver a speech, it was attacked by one or more assassins. A red scarf might not be memorable but if you where to dream of a blue sun, a purple tree or a green horse that would be something you might recall after you wake up. Say my dream involves coleslaw: it’s irrelevant to me personally whether that coleslaw has bits of carrot or red cabbage in it, so the coleslaw has none of those.

The idea seemed exciting for me to be able to control my dreams.Fast forward a little bit and I’ve successfully lucid dreamed about 2 or 3 times. Never have I ever had a single dream, even a blur or shaky memory, of dreaming in color. When I dream it’s more like my vision is completely black and white. But South Americans were capitalists. “The (Mayan) economy was a mixed capitalist/command system combining free market trade and direct government control over areas considered vital to the population of any specific state.

Fast forward even more to present day and I still have no luck. Originally Posted by sp1der All my life I’ve dreamed in black and white. So The Cold War was never Africa?s excuse?2. It’s disappointing because I feel like my dreams would be10x more exciting then they already are if something as simple as color were added to the mix.I guess my real question here is why this is happening? And are there tricks to avoid dreaming in black and white?Also does this happen to say anything about my psyche?

Does this reflect someone’s mood/behavior or possibly somethingstrangely irrelevant like their diet? I have plenty of questions on the topic and I’m eager to hear your responses. Wrong. But I’ve not seen it.I think the USA picked the allowable parties.

If anything the judge had been appointed by Saddam years prior so you’d think it would have worked the other way around.

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