Thursday, April 9, 2009 Do you know Samuel Champlain high school in Chennevieres sur Marne – Radicalization or dramatization? – Education and Disability – The home of the first words Wednesday, April 8, the Richard Descoings Mission High School went to the Samuel Champlain high school in Chennevieres sur Marne. But he did not go alone. He was accompanied by two classmates: Nicolas Sarkozy and Xavier Darcos. The secret had been well kept. So, according to Richard Descoings, not having cameras to disrupt the exchange with the students (perhaps also to avoid the demonstrators …). One camera was this: that the blog "school for all" of the school mission. . Although he mostly listened, the president even spoke when (hard to go against his nature). Nicolas Sarkozy said during the visit to Chennevieresque the "approximation" of businesses and schools would be a "considerable progress" as this would allow young people to "know the business" before entering the professional adult world. . He also spoke about the direction by combining late and range choice. "We need the best possible response to the specificity of each student and, at the same time should be delayed as long as possible to allow the orientation (choosing) the broader" he explained. He also asked "does it have made a tank S for medicine?". In response to another question, he also said "There is no pleasure without effort" "Educators have won, the day they have made it clear to students that at the end of the effort, there are fun …. "Radicalization or dramatization? Le Figaro in its editorial denounces the" profiteers of the crisis "in a beautiful amalgam citing" employees who kidnap their bosses, teachers who bully their university president, teachers threatening not to correct the tray, preventing students how class, obscure commandos sabotaged railway lines or gas meters … "in another article, title." Universities:. the extreme left to maneuver "and it is considered that the militants of the NPA are behind the most violent actions of recent days If activists POLICY ues most radical exist in this conflict, it is wrong to reduce movement to it. The technique is actually well known: it is to dramatize the excess to scare and discredit the movement. Without ever asking the question of why the exasperation and the duration of this movement …. Because despite calls for the resumption of classes in most university presidents, the movement is organized to last. Protesters on Wednesday blocked the Boulevard Saint-Michel in Paris, chanting in the heart of the Latin Quarter slogans evoking the student movement of May 1968. "On the pavement the beach", "We will keep up Paris Plage" Have shouted, pouring sand on the floor and blocking the streets close Sorbonne with carts and trash. The Nouvel Observateur education blog is concerned: "What will be left after facs strikes?" And asks "one wonders if the academics are not killing what they stand" br /> Education of children with disabilities is remembered that this topic had been the subject of a heated exchange between Segolene Royal and Nicolas Sarkozy during the debate between the two towers at the last presidential election. Governments were sentenced Wednesday by the State Council in the case of a 13 year old girl who was educated very partially, between 2001 and 2004. With this decision, the court shall rule on the enforceability of the right to education for children with disabilities, a promise from the head of state after his election, welcomed Unapei (national union of parents of children unsuitable). Coincidence? It is now learned that the three decrees disability law enforcement February 2005 to improve the care and education of disabled have been published (finally!) In the Official Journal in recent days. Let’s talk again to finish researchers but from a completely different angle. L’Express reports a surprising experiment conducted in the United States. A couple of American researchers has lived for three years directly before microphones and cameras. Objective: To record all language learning by their son. The house is full of microphones and cameras, which, for thirty-six months, continuously record the daily life of the home. "At first it was a little confusing, but today we do not even think," says the father, Deb Roy, a researcher at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), who himself designed this device extreme reality show designed to capture every moment of the existence of his son, Dwayne, since it was born in May 2006. This is to observe the physical and social environment that leads to the baby learn to speak by recording hour by hour and day by day progression of learning in order to build a database that can be made available to all specialists working on the subject. But what is going to serve this mass of data? "The company would not make sense if it was limited to a single case, says Deb Roy. Analysis of learning Dwayne will serve as a benchmark to study the language problems in other children, especially those at risk of autism, which can be thus identified at an earlier stage than today. " Big father is watching you? Good reading… ——————————————— – 09/04/09 the pro-Pecresse President of Paris-7 resigns Guy Cousineau, previously president of the University of Paris 7 Denis Diderot resign. This is a setback for Valerie Pecresse he supported the policy. He will probably be replaced by Vincent Berger, who headed the list that won the elections handily among teachers researchers from the University last Monday. Read more of the article What is my school? The answer here Like every year, the Ministry of Education publishes several performance indicators of French high schools. The idea is always the same: the performances are assessed but no class. Read more of the article Examinations and CRS: Since the government maneuver academics do not give in, cognons stronger. This is clearly the choice of the Elysee and Valerie Pecresse to try to end a movement whose traces will be profound, whatever the outcome. Read more of the article stubborn spot Gyration Strike Denis Guedj professor at Paris VIII, writer. In a place stuck in the center of the city, the place of the City Hall in Paris, aptly named Place de Greve, a round obstinate runs for sixteen days, day and night, nagging, throbbing, uninterrupted. Three hundred and fifty hours now! Teachers, students, researchers, administrative staff, we turn obstinately proud of our ability to achieve what we collectively decided. As Deleuze said – about writing – we turn to those who do not rotate. Not for them but for them, employees, precarious, unemployed, retired, intermittent and all those who suffer the aggressions of a low power, blind, autistic and destructive, which stubbornly we make life more difficult for live. We invited them to join the round. Read the rest of the article ——————————————- – Le Figaro 09/04/09 the State shall ensure the schooling of disabled governments were sentenced Wednesday by the State Council in the case of a 13 year old girl who was educated in a very partial, between 2001 and 2004. Read more of the article Universities: the extreme left to maneuver few dozen institutions remain disrupted by strikes and occupations while the protest movement lasted ten weeks. Read more of the article slipping dangerous social conflicts Left hesitate to distance himself from the kidnapping of bosses and supports persistent blockages in universities. Read more of the article profiteers of the crisis Editorial Yves Threard April 9. Read the rest of the article ——————————————- —— the University of 09/04/09: out of the crisis through employment, by Jean Fabbri the logic of competition limitless scope reduction of public services that popped it triumphant Until a few months, suffer serious setbacks. Systemic economic crisis tipped the world into another era and in France, it is these changes that reveals the formidable protest movement in higher education and research organizations. Read more of the article Courts outside the walls, Place de la Sorbonne The day promises charged. For the program, the blog of the students of Paris IV is precious to me. The morning begins with "a course outside the walls." This is one of the peculiarities of this movement: the protests are not the only forms of action. At 11, Caroline Callard, lecturer at Paris IV, who, contrary to what I made him say yesterday, knows on the fingertips history from the Sorbonne, and Sophie Wahnich, CNRS researcher at the Revolution French, make a course, instead of the Sorbonne. The theme: ". Violence, history and politics" A dozen people were present. I recorded the introduction: I suggest you listen to part. Read more of the article Faculty Members "Sarkozy is an incendiary" Was it the rain that fell on Wednesday, April 8 Paris, where a moment of despondency among the faculty after about very firm held the day before Nicolas Sarkozy, who will not return "never" on university autonomy? They were 2800 according to police, 10,000 according to organizers, to demonstrate against reforms in the higher education and research. Less than half of the workforce of the event on April 2. But very angry protesters against Nicolas Sarkozy: "The least we can say is that it is not listening to what is happening in universities", Marc fell Champesme, professor at paris-XIII and national secretary of Snesup-FSU. Read the rest of the article ——————————————- the Humanity of 09/04/09 (delay of one day) the movement is organized to last Another day of nationwide protest held today to respond to calls for the resumption of classes launched by the Minister of Research. Read more of the article "We refuse to chair the juries tray" The ideas of disobedience multiplied. At the University of Rouen, there are two days, 246 faculty sent a letter to their president by refusing to have their names submitted to the rectory to chair the juries Baccalaureate session 2009. "No jury should be formed as the claims have not been met. A refusal to participate in March is a weapon in the administrative strike we are pursuing, "they announced. This action may pose an immediate problem, more consistent and visible, the Ministry of Education. It is therefore likely to increase everywhere in France. Read the rest of the article ——————————————- ——— Le Parisien (some paid items) of 09/04/09 the call for the resumption of classes of university presidents the wake of a new day in the universities, and then the threats on the proper conduct of examinations are pressing the president of the conference of university presidents Lionel Collet called this morning to the students and teachers to resume classes. "We consider that there is sufficient progress so that classes resume", told RTL Lionel Collet felt, however, that the negotiations could "go much faster. Read More Article Colleges-schools: how to choose the right institution For parents whose children enter college or high school next year, it’s time to decide. How to find the right "chest"? Our advice to see clearly. Read more of the article Six Tips to avoid pitfalls Discussions at the school are daunting. Not a city escapes "election" of "good" and "bad business" for those who "have heard" and "know people". "Do not rely only" rumors parents, advises Armelle Nouis, former principal of the college, Headmaster in Paris, mother of four and author of a published this month * Guide: "The best or is deemed n is not necessarily the best for your child. "Read more of the article the school board is not free if it Giving parents’ free choice" for their child. It was a promise of the candidate Sarkozy in the presidential election: the school board, established in 1963, accentuated social segregation: 1 Parent of 3 playing favoritism, piston and tricks to avoid the area of ??chest. Parents hand, the announcement was immediately received five out of five. Apparently, it was enough to tick THE prestigious high school of their dreams ahead of their choice to enter! Tens of Parisians have yet disillusioned last summer before the notice of assignment of their children … away from their desires. Many parents are still amazed when they said no, Jeremy may not necessarily enter Janson de Sailly (Paris XVI), even if it shines in third in his college Boulogne (Hauts-de-Seine ). Read more of the article The ranking of the best high schools in Ile-de-France, we have chosen to present you the five best schools of general education in the eight departments of Ile-de-France (for the complete list institutions, departmental read your book). We selected according to two criteria: the success rate in the baccalaureate 2008, which assesses the number of high school students received the ferry reported to those who attended. Read the rest of the article ——————————————- —– La Croix 09/04/09 assessment 2009 general high schools, technical and vocational the Ministry of education publishes, Wednesday, April 8, the assessment of general high schools, technical and vocational, public or private contract, for 2008. this annual assessment is to measure what a school has "added" to the initial level of the students. The establishments were evaluated according to three indicators drawn from the results of the baccalaureate 2008: the success rate at the baccalaureate, the access rate of second and first bachelor and the proportion of graduates among the outgoing More of The item ———————————————— 09/04/09 echoes of Universities: showdown on the end of year exams Trying to academics before their responsibilities, Valerie Pecresse warned yesterday that "for exams, time is running out." The conflict, which lasted for three months, still affects thirty facs. Read more of the article PS unveils its proposals for the young Socialist Party wants to weigh on what could announce Martin Hirsch in the coming days. Read more of the article High School: the "annual performance indicators" put online The Department of Education has posted yesterday "indicators" of annual results of 4300 public and private schools under contract, to assist students and their parents to determine whether between several institutions ( "We do not do a ranking," warned at a press briefing Daniel Vitry, director of the Evaluation Branch, Planning and Performance (Depp) ministry. For each of these indicators, Depp has calculated the "gross rate" obtained by the school, then the "expected rate" (the success rate of the facility might be able to see the tray if the characteristics of its students were the same as the average of the academy or the entire France). We deduce the "added value of an institution." In the end, "these indicators are not individual guidance but a statistical analysis tool," warned Daniel Vitry. For example, they allow to say, "My child needs to be accompanied, put it in a selective institution is not a good decision." Read more of the article Sarkozy: the "reconciliation" businesses / schools would be "considerable progress" Nicolas Sarkozy said on Wednesday that the "reconciliation" of businesses and schools would be a "considerable progress" as this would allow youth "know the business" before entering the professional adult world. Read the rest of the article ——————————————- —— 20 minutes from 09/04/09 the Facs still resistance ranks were somewhat less provided, but the manifestations of faculty and students still gathered several thousand people in Paris and province, yesterday. In a statement beginning with the words: "Mr. President, we do not have the same values," the National Coordination of Universities (CNU) said yesterday the essence of his battle started there are two and a half months, against "a logic of budgetary savings and systematic competitive tendering institutions, teams and individuals, which threatens the creation and transmission of knowledge." Read more of the article Universities: protesters few but determined to Paris and the provinces The slogan for this new mobilization "united" against reform … Read More section —- Rue89 ——————————————– 09/04 / 09 on the pavements of the Sorbonne, a beach against the reform in May 68 it up today barricades are in sand. On Wednesday afternoon, students and striking faculty of the Sorbonne-Paris I have erected a barrier of sand to try to seize the mechanics of the university reform. Julien, one of the student organizers of the movement: More Article ———————————- ————– West of France 09/04/09 Tray: the comparative results of schools in the region the Ministry of Education does not want to hear about "ranking". Teachers rightly refute the term "charts". Each year are published "schools of performance indicators." They are studied under the microscope by parents and their children. The success rate in the tank is not enough, by itself, to apprehend reality. Brilliant scores mask sometimes severe selection of pupils: these pools of "big heads" middle level students might be discouraged quickly … Read More Article Faculties: exams in the hot seat the Minister of higher Education refuses automatic validation of the semester, disrupted by strikes. Read the rest of the article ——————————————- —– Le Journal du Dimanche 09/04/09 facs always mobilized Ten weeks of conflict and not the shadow of a crisis. Everyone takes his stance to the point that no compromise now seems possible. At the exams approach, students and faculty have once again demonstrated Wednesday. Valerie Pecresse, the academic year is "threatened" by the continuation of the movement. Read more of the article —————————————- Le Nouvel Observateur permanent 09/04/09 What will be left after facs strikes? (Blog Educobs) For beginners, the conflict between teachers for several months Researchers their minister, Valerie Pecresse, has become incomprehensible. The Minister shall have given successful researchers and distributed millions universities. Researchers them increasingly radicalized swear she does not want to hear, that facs are still poor. Although difficult to navigate … And the movement continues, constantly taking new forms, event readings of the Princess of Cleves in the Round of Stubborn instead of City Hall in Paris, the presidencies of boycott threats jury for corrections of the tank, to presidents of kidnappings in some facs. Read more of the article Children with disabilities of school: State condemned the Council of State held that the "right to education" applies to all state and can not escape that obligation by putting in before the lack of structure or the allowance paid to parents. Read more of the article —————————————- Express 09/04/09 .fr the home of the first words How comes the word? To understand this, a couple of American researchers has lived for three years directly before microphones and cameras. Objective: To record all language learning by their son. When science meets reality TV … Read More Article ——————————– the ————– 09/04/09 Cafe Pedagogique waking gardens: Darcos pressure "We do not condone the experiment of awakening gardens and we shall have to denounce joint Declaration "warns Ageem, teachers’ association in kindergarten. Last December, after a first crisis marked by Tabarot Papon and reports and by unfortunate words of the Minister of Education, Xavier Darcos was about to resume the dialogue with teachers by concluding an agreement with the Ageem. There are some days this agreement was celebrated through co-publishing a brochure, produced by Ageem, with kindergarten, distributed to all parents. Read more of the article What is the indicator of high schools? Who knew high school Thizy? Following the publication by the Department of "high school indicators, reworked by the daily, this is high school powered by Le Figaro" first school in France. "An appointment that does not overshadow the great classics (Henri IV, Louis the Great . etc.) that the newspaper has passed after a few high-value facilities the Internet user has a choice of classic Louis the great, Henry IV, bilingual active school, Condorcet, Alsatian school, high school Saint Paul Lens Hoche in Versailles continue to prance in the lead. While the Ministry publishes its own estimates, their treatment by the press shows how these data are subjective. Read more of the article —– —————————————– Mediapart (fee) from 09/04 / 09 about homework helper
Sarkozy and universities by Bertrand Monthubert the movement engaged for nine weeks now in the world of research and teaching skills need nt represents a higher mobilization of magnitude. It addresses the lack of resources allocated to research and higher education (particularly job cuts), the content of the decree on the faculty, on the reform of teacher training, threats aimed directly at public research organizations; generally it relates to the governance of universities. Read more of the article For the president of Paris 2, never Lru not happen without the support of university The first thing to do to overcome the crisis is to develop students and faculty. They are now opposed to the reforms being somewhat globally. We must put them in position to argue. Read the rest of the article ——————————————- —————- A selection in dispatches of 09/04/09 the tests aggregation of 2 April will not be ironed (Ministry) the tests of aggregation April 2, which at least sixty candidates could not compete at the center of Arcueil (Val-de-Marne) due to train failure, will not be reorganized, does said Thursday at the Ministry education. Read more of the article Handicap: three decrees of finally gazetted Act 2005 Three decrees implementing the February 2005 disability law to improve the care and education of disabled were published in the Journal official in recent days, said Thursday the State secretariat for Solidarity in a statement. Read more of the article provided under Events, the government concerned about the exams Academic fighting against the reforms in education and research have significantly less mobilized Wednesday that since the beginning of the movement, while the government expressed its "concern" for the smooth conduct of examinations. Read more of the article Universities: parliamentarians and young UMP consider blockages "unacceptable and dangerous" UMP deputy Benoist Appeared, rapporteur of the LRU (university autonomy), several members of the majority and the popular Young ( UMP) considered "dangerous and unacceptable" Wednesday, blocking a thirty universities and called for the resumption of classes. Read the rest of the article ——————————————- —————————- This work is licensed under a Creative Commons license. Posted by Watrelot on Thursday, April 9, 2009

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